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It is my actual birthday today. I was like WOW! How did Val know?? Hahaha

Congrats on one year!!

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-Hey Val,

I might be a little late to the party, but even so, I can imagine how proud you must, and, should be!

-Let's face it: No one tells How Not To F*ck Up *our Face like you do!

🫀 🎈

And also, here's to our grand hormones & their resilient existence! xo

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Happy Birthday, Val!!

And boy, When You Blow Out the Candles on Your Cake, YOU BLOW THEM TO SMITHEREEEEENS!

This essay about hormone creams was the tits!

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Brava Val, for everything!! So proud of you and glad to be along for this ride. Also RELISHING the three step solution to all problems at the bottom of this article. Even as someone who is wary of miracle treatments, it's so easy (so human) to be drawn into the possibility of the unicorn cream/ pen/ laser, etc. Thank you for consistently holding the line on skin care sanity.

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Whoo, hoo! Happy, happy birthday! In other news... it’s mind blowing in the worst way that products can be “prescribed” online with these more-or-less fake medical evaluations. I learned so much from this article. Can’t wait to learn more!

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Happy Birthday, dear Val!

Delighted to join the HNTFUYF community in thanking you for two years of engaging, enlightening and highly entertaining posts. Looking forward to many more!

HW’s recap of testing Alloy’s “medical screening” process is indeed sobering. And another reminder of why I read your posts—for the unvarnished, well-researched, unflinchingly honest reporting. And all the warm hugs we get from you along the way!

Quick Q for you: do you apply your PM moisturizer before and after your retinoid, or just post-application of the retinoid? This inquiring mind would love to know!

Last, have a piece of birthday cake for me!

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Happy birthday to you Valand to HNTFUYF. Two years! I remember when you wrote

your first few posts. Well done! I've learned so much from you. Onward!

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Thanks for all this information Val! I’m menopausal —2 years in— and have been using inexpensive skincare and a retinol for 6 months with a good sunscreen and have noticed improvement. Retinol has a good track record of improving aging skin so I don’t need to look elsewhere. I believe one doesn’t need expensive skincare although I splurged on a night moisturizer after the retinol because my skin is like sandpaper and winter makes it worse. Since you mentioned the vaginal estradiol I was also recommended that by my PCP and decided against it and instead I use one with DHEA in combination with a progesterone and pregnenolone that I apply in my lower abdomen. Have only been using that for a week so we’ll see but I was a bit scared by the estrogen even though the vaginal kind is supposed to be safe.

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Happy Birthday! So pleased to be a part of this community.

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