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After my mom died, my sister and I were going through her jewelry and we discovered a locket with two types (color) hair in it. This rather baffled us because we didn't think it was a family heirloom then we later found out that mom liked to scour flea markets and buy random stuff like that. There was an inscription in it so we did some online sleuthing and behold, it belonged to a sea captain's wife in Salem, Massachusetts! The locket was the hair of a child who died young and of her husband, the sea captain. My sister managed to get an email connected to the local library in Salem which was formerly the sea captain's home. She emailed a family member, as we wanted to return it to their family. This family member (maybe a niece who was in her 80s?) and thanked us for informing her and asked if we could drop it off at the library for an exhibit, as she was too frail to meet with us. We did and what a lovely trip to do so (Salem is definitely more than witches, witch trials, and Halloween). We just thought our mom would've liked what we did. And, oh, the family member sent flowers to my sister and thanking us again. The circle came to a close in such a remarkable way. Info about the history of the library: https://salempl.org/reference-dept/history/

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