I wonder if there are any studies on systemic, cultural mental health/ happiness in the countries that have the highest rates of plastic surgery as opposed to those that don't. IE: does managing our faces and bodies 'just so' result in happier people? Perhaps we can only observe anecdotally, but I must say, your description of so many unadulterated faces has me jonesing for a long trip to Japan. What does it signal that the mere IDEA of more natural looking human beings makes me happy...? xx

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Madonna is bored (and boring). Jess's excellent critique notwithstanding (and it is brilliant), Madonna's face is what happens when humans forget that we die. Madonna, uber wealthy and no longer au courant, seems to me a death taunt: "Come and get me f*cker! I dare you!"

Weirdly, as an American, I relate this to 9/11. A few weeks after the towers came down, I encountered an old dude in a store treating others in line at the checkout line at JoAnn's Fabrics with some rather rude behavior. I remember thinking, "More than 3,000 people dead, gruesomely, and suddenly, their loved ones left in shock, and this guy turns abusive because he's not getting his 50% discount for what -- he's buying Velcro!!! Let's have some perspective, people. "

And I find myself thinking that way constantly still. We think we will never die, we should never *have* to die, and are outraged when someone puts a limit on us. So, f*ck you. I will show you who's boss.

To paraphrase Cher, Madonna can put a boob on her face, and no one should say a word about it because it's her business. Put two boobs on your face, lady, for all I care, but the boobs or the grill or the other surgery "statements" ultimately aren't the story.

It's that when you've shown you will take life's invitation to live it to the fullest into the realm of conquering life so that it bends to your greed for domination of it rather than the immortality of cyclical dominion and peace with what is, that insanity can only manifest as mutilation.

First her face, next what? I am curious...what else is up for her Midas touch? And what more mean things will the men who publicly criticize her say? They are the ones she really annoys because that kind of power to shape -- or misshape-- life should not belong to a woman, goes their thinking.

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- Hello, dear Val.

Oh, the relief of a visionary voice. As a professional who has recently entered the Orofacial Harmonization field, I value this kind of word the most. It's important to remember who we honestly are, and also, our limitations as human beings. Just as I have once read, "even miracles can take a little time."

-Thank you for everything! I will keep spreading the word about HNTFUYF to my colleagues. Even more now that after years of reluctance, I have also entered the Instagram world. Brave moves, I guess.



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Thank you, dear Val, for once again helping us to see the light! xx

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Love answers that make me feel like I’m not missing out on something! Although, if I were gifted that device, I’d likely use it regularly—just in case.

I’d love to hear anything about skincare in Japan. Products perhaps, but more so any dos and don’ts, rituals, foods/drinks for skin, etc. I was obsessed with a Japanese skincare blog for a month last year, but the blogger stopped posting anything new and I drifted away. I found it fascinating what she was taught to always do and never do growing up, with regards to skincare specifically. The approach seemed far gentler and more "precious" (in her telling) compared to how we're taught to treat and "fix" our faces in North America.

I hope you’re having a beautiful time on your travels and visit, Valerie!

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Omg one of my lids is so much droopier than the other. Is the plastic surgery in Japan better than in NY? Skill and pricing?

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1.The issue with most home facial devices, is lack of use. LED light is skin food in every sense of the word, as our mitochondria feed on it and in turn, speed up ATP, for cellular regeneration. The trick is you have to USE it, and yes you need some great topicals as well. 3 k is outlandish- you can get a good LED face mask for $350. I might be the only one who teaches this last bit, but the pulsing of the lights, creates a perfect atmosphere for visualization and other consciousness practices.

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Thanks for the link to the posting on Madonna. Not much more to say...

Yes, the double lid obsession in Asia. I remember how people admired my sister for her double lid as being more attractive, and that was decades ago. I've thought about what that's all about and I'm still not sure - the Western ideal yet the concept of race plays out differently in an Asian context although skin tone bias (colorism) definitely exists.

It was interesting to read your response about at-home devices and confess having tried such objects in the past - at home and in an office. No difference at all and just a pain in the neck to be consistent. Easier (and more effective) to slather on the sunscreen (which I have returned to due to your writing - thank you!).

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