I'd rather look at Obama than McConnell any day.

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I have a feeling we're going to get tired of these filters toot suite because they make everybody look... the same. I'm curious to see where we go when beauty isn't rare. Because, after all, isn't that what makes it special?

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Mar 28, 2023Liked by Valerie Monroe

Dear Val,

Your thoughtful reporting of the Bold Glamour filter reminded me of a visit I made to the dentist’s office some decades ago. He knew I was a beauty editor and wanted to show off his latest in-office technology, a gizmo that took your photo and then showed you what you’d look like if you elected to have various cosmetic dentistry procedures.

It could also show you what you’d look like if the features of your face were perfectly symmetrical. Naturally, I was curious and then horrified to see that by making the left side of my face match the right side, my otherwise friendly-looking visage was transformed into something weirdly otherworldly and frightfully feral.

We had a good laugh, but there was a lesson learned: it is the “imperfections” and irregularities in our faces that are part of what make us human, that there is beauty in imperfection and that perfection (perfect symmetry) can look scary! At least when it comes to faces. But maybe not strawberries.

I’d gladly pay $5.00 for a dozen “fresh, plump, sugary” strawberries, as the offerings in local grocery stores here are downright tasteless. It would indeed be game-changing if our own strawberry growers in the USA adopted the eco-responsible growing methods of the resourceful young mother in Hiroko Tabuchi’s excellent article. Thank you for sharing!

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as good as you are (and far away enough it appears for moment so that you can't physically hurt me lol and BTW that shit about blowing fair weather systems aroundf is in itself better than i could muster even on one of my lesser egoistic days) when it comes to AI i'm gonna guide this "conflab" and yeah im beginning to sense a certain well trod path to water here on this platform, as well there should, its fucking smart and funny and real, when it comes to REALLY parsing out the implications of that techno future so much gabbed about and batted around these days like a whiffle ball in a hurricane (and by eeeejits in pajamas no less) i HIGHLY (and thats only figurative, its too early in AM to be literary yet and that not happenin any time soon so...) RECOMMEND Alex Dobrenko's Both Are True piece and im sure im missing a word or 2: "Can We ALL just SHUT THE FUCK UP about AI!!!???!$$$#!!" will live in INFAMY....holy shit and hmmm yoiu say you are in hmmm Tokyo?!@$!?

I imagine its gotta be listed as his more popular and thats saying something because like youn here he is brilliant and i hate that word but when people use it on me (when they are in coma) i love it....

alright thats my contribution got to burrow back into hillside for some cached nuts now

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Mar 28, 2023·edited Mar 28, 2023Liked by Valerie Monroe

-Hello Val,

Nice to hear about your input on the filters. I must confess that I am still sort of scared with the ones I found on IG. I agree, the impact of perfection can be truly harmful when perceived by unprepared generations. Honestly, no idea about what will be coming next.

About the Jet Plasma pen, my colleague has had quite some success with that. Even so, it took her years in order to be capable of doing this meticulous procedure. For me, it's so hard to believe some people are willing to play such a dangerous game, when it comes to threatening instead of treating other people's health.

Happy to be here, in spite of living in a very crazy time where for so many, the most valued "density" remains the one coming from facial fillers/filters. xo

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Apr 5, 2023Liked by Valerie Monroe

Yes, I read about that Tik Tok filter on Buzzfeed and they showed videos of people demonstrating it and how it was, in fact. problematic. Yet, we give in to it, don't we? Or at least I know I do at times. Last weekend, I weighed myself (at my partner's place; I don't keep a scale in my home anymore) after having not done so since the doctors' office this past Jan, I saw that I gained nearly 7 pounds. Then I began searching for a double chin (which of course only shows up when I smile broadly). It began to be obsessive and rather upsetting. I told my partner about my weight gain and he asked "how much?" and I told him "7 ppunds" and he said, "Oh, it's probably water weight" then we had ice-cream for breakfast (btw, we did have salmon the night before) I appreciate how he gives me perspective. I wonder if those who identify as men tend to respond in that way, as I know that eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder do, indeed, show up for men. Anyway, I just find that I have to work so hard to be less influenced by our society's ideals for beauty. If I have to do that at the age of 60, I can't imagine how it must be for younger people.

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